Our Ethos - "Food with Integrity"

The Trusted name in Organic Halal Meat

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Abraham Natural Produce Ltd. In order to give you some background to our company I would like to introduce you to some of the basic principles that form the overall ethos of the company.

In short, the company ethos is very simple.

We are against: cheap tasteless meat, inorganic feeds, the use of steroids and hormones, battery farming, unnatural farming methods, intensive farming, profit driven exploitation of animals and questionable "halal" meat.

We are for: quality British meat, organic and naturally reared animals, free-range farming, compassionate suppliers, small scale/local produce, a personalised service and real halal meat.

Why we started this business? (2006)

My family and I moved to the country in order to live more in tune with nature. We are trying to become as self-sufficient as feasibly possible. One of the key areas we wanted to address was the meat we were eating. Before moving we very rarely ate meat due to the suspicion that it was poor quality, more than likely pumped full of unnatural elements and certainly not halal. So we started to buy and slaughter our own meat to be sure it was good quality and also 100% halal.

Following conversations with locals and meetings with abattoirs we soon learned that a lot of meat that is sold in the UK as halal is anything but; in addition most, if not all halal meat, it is from poor stock. The halal meat industry is profit driven, not quality or conscience driven. As a result many providers of halal meat are cutting corners and producing meat from animals that have not been slaughtered in a halal manner and not reared in a manner than fits with Islam's principles of compassion to all creatures.

We established Abraham Natural Produce to address this problem. When we set up the company it was with the intention to provide a service to Muslims in the UK and support British suppliers who are really trying to make a difference.

Our Suppliers

All the people we buy our livestock from have been vetted and come to us recommended. You can't join us - we hand-pick our suppliers because they are good, principled people who can offer us quality animals that have led happy lives. We hope by doing business in this way we will poke a finger in the eye of intensive farming which only seeks to meet an insatiable demand for meat that leads to cost-cutting and toying with nature.


We sell both "organic" and what we term "natural" meat. That which is sold as "organic" is organic in the sense that the suppliers we use are Soil Association registered and approved. As a company we carry the UK5 certification from the Soil Association.


Halal is not only about someone saying the right thing when slaughtering an animal. It is so much more. The person taking that animal's life must be aware on every level possible, whether mental or spiritual, that they are carrying out an action sanctioned by God and traced back to the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him). Through proper preparation, intention and focus that animal becomes halal to eat. All our meat is slaughtered by me personally and I always ensure I am in a state of awareness whilst conducting the slaughter.

As well as the manner in which an animal is slaughtered, we passionately believe that animals must be treated with compassion and justice. This reflects the way of the Abrahamic faiths and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). That is why we take so much care to ensure all our stock is ethically bred, reared and supplied. Everything from the food the animals eat to the way they are transported is carried out in the kindest way possible. A stress free animal means stress free meat.

Why chose us?

To meet our high standards we may not be the cheapest halal meat company around - but in comparison to other organic meat companies we are competitive. If this puts you off then that is your choice. We want customers that genuinely care about who bred, raised, fed, slaughtered and packaged their meat. We are the only company that can do that and do that with the added extras that the meat is tip-top British quality and 100% halal. You get what you pay for...

I hope you will give us a go and taste what real meat is like!

Muhammad Ridha Payne


Abraham Natural Produce