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Welcome to Abraham Natural Produce

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Welcome to Abraham Natural Produce, purveyors of genuine Organic Halal Meat, ethically sourced, honestly priced and conveniently delivered to your door.

No other halal meat comes close - don't settle for second best!

A family run business, we were established to address the lack of quality halal  meat in the UK. With strict principles we aim to provide our valued customers with a service that addresses a number of critical issues.

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The halal meat industry at present, as with the industry as a whole, is driven by profit. We know from first hand experience that not all meat sold as halal is not really halal. If you want to know who slaughtered your meat then we are the only outlet that can guarantee this for you. All our customers get the peace of mind that their meat is really and truly 100% halal.

Our Genuinely Halal page offers more detail on why we only slaughter personally.

Farm to Fork

Before it was fasionable and the horse meat saga opened everyones eyes to what is happening in the meat industry, we decided to take full control of the food we eat. Everything we sell we have 100% control over, we take from local farms, we slaughter everything ourselves, butcher ourselves and make all of our own Burgers and Sausages using pure 100% meat and a few herbs and spices only. We do not import anything or buy any products from outside - except for our fairtrade range, which we encourage everyone to support.

This is why we can guarrenttee that everything we supply to you can be traced back not only to us and the slaughter house but also directly to the farm and herd the animals lived with, giving you full visibility from your fork back to the farm.

Ethical Suppliers

All our meat is either raised on our own land or supplied by vetted and trusted local breeders. We know all our suppliers personally and can vouch for their standards. In addition all of us are dedicated to a move away from intensive, profit driven farming that not only puts animals second but also produces meat of second-class quality.

Meet our suppliers and find out who your meat comes from.


We carry certification from the Soil Association to vouch that our meat is 'organic'. We give our word that our animals only feed on natural goodness; they are neither fed with supplements nor pumped with hormones, steroids and the like.

In addition, all our animals live in their natural habitat, i.e. in fields, breathing fresh air and exposed to the elements.

Honest-to-goodness meat! Get more insight into our 'organic' standards.

Supporting Smallholders

When you buy our exquisite 'organic' halal meat you support people dedicated to quality. All our animals come direct from respected smallholders who breed and care for top-of-the-line animals. They do not use intensive farming methods and are committed to a kind, small-scale and just approach to their trade.

In addition to the actual farmers you are also supporting local abattoirs, butchers, tanneries and other personnel. Would you rather your money went to these people or large profit driven businesses?

Read more about the principles of small holding.

Discover all-natural Organic Halal Meat

The key word that describes us and our organic halal meat is integrity. Our vision is to provide people with a real alternative to the halal meat available in high street butchers and pre-packaged supermarket produce. We want Muslims (and non-Muslims) to start to appreciate 'real meat'.

Don't gamble with what you put into your body. If you want truly halal 'organic' meat from a company dedicated to providing people with only the best, we are the smart choice.

Please feel free to browse the site, read about our roots, explore the articles, meet our suppliers, visit our partners and of course buy some fantastically tasty organic halal meat!


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