About The Organic Halal Company

Our Intentions, Roots and Plans 

Our mission statement: "To provide top-quality, naturally reared, 'organic' and ethically sourced halal meat through a business model that supports localisation and contributes to charitable causes through a fixed percentage donation from profits."

Abraham Natural Produce was originally founded by Muhammad-Ridha and Nicola Payne. The company is currently managed by Zeki and Ridwanah from their 25 acre small holding in Kent - widely known as "The Garden of England" .

Muhammad and Nikki moved to Somerset in 2006 to try and start living a more eco-friendly, natural and self-sufficient lifestyle. Following meetings and conversations with local establishments that work with those in the halal meat industry they quickly realised that much of the meat being sold to the Muslim population in the UK was sub-standard. Not only is much of the meat not even halal, but a lot of it is from poor quality animals that have been treated unjustly.

They passionately believed (and still believe!) that "you are what you eat" and that it is high time Muslims returned to eating meat that is pure, natural, organic, slaughtered correctly and above all from animals that have been treated with compassion. This is the Sunnah.

The animals the company uses for halal meat all come from local smallholders and farmers who share a similar vision of good quality meat from good quality animals. In addition, each and every animal is slaughtered by the Owner Abu Hassan who approaches the task with the correct state of consciousness and awareness to ensure the meat is 100% halal.

What does this mean for you? In short, when you buy our meat you get the peace of mind that you are eating nutritious, genuine halal meat that has been naturally reared and is pure in every way.

You are the one who benefits.


Abraham Natural Produce